Flexibility for an electric future

From 10 years, El.Com has developed a solid experience in wire harness for hybrid and electric vehicle.

From the gained experience in the bus transport’s market, El.Com expands its selection in new areas such as heavy transports (truck), earth moving machine, agricultural machines. In this way, El.Com could satisfy every type of request.

Support the all system

El.Com is able to provide a complete service starting from the design support of High Voltage system, to the specific components’ choice and to the realisation of the all system: from the “Power Distribution Unit” with the all HV and LV wire harnesses of interconnection with batteries, motors, the charging and the different accessorises.

Customization for business service

El.Com has the ability to support the different businesses to reach their aims, indeed each project is designed and personalised for each customer’s request.

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