A strict method

The future begins today, not tomorrow.

El.Com not only looks at the future with economic targets, but it puts more and more attention to the trail it leaves during its growth. A strict method aiming to develop an extended ability to compete on the market, based on clear advantages, not only economic but even on sustainability choices.
Beyond the internal eco-friendly choices, the company welfare has the clear target to care about the next generation of the territory, offering a strong future of development.

Certifications for the future

ISO 50001 certification.

100% Green A2A

Exclusively use of renewable energy (from 01/01/2021), including the self-produce energy created by the photovoltaic system.

Smart Packaging

Continuous reduction of plastic in packaging thanks to production proper measures.

-60% paper

Progressive reduction of paper packaging.

Class A

Low-power heating and conditioning (2 in 1).

Low consumption

Interior and exterior lighting system converted with LED lights.


Quality and environment.

Through the ethics code, El.Com wants to reduce the insecurities but also to provide solutions to the stakeholders who have strong relationship with the company.

The ethics code is an occasion not only for formalise the company’ solid competences, but also to define a guide that direct the all future behaviour inside the complexity.


Conflict Mineral

An ethical choice.

El.Com supports the fight against the inhuman treatments of local people provoked by the militant groups that work in Republic Democratic of Congo.

The company make the effort for guarantee that the products bought from the suppliers and then sold to the customers are realised only with “conflict free” material.