Customization, high standard and quality level

New ways of development in aerospace wire harness market where El.Com gives the best in order to be suitable to the all quality standards that only few companies could satisfy.

Quality and flexibility

Aircrafts (planes and helicopters), satellites and their equipment. El.Com shows its flexibility dealing with relevant projects, giving solutions with high quality and cost effectiveness for the single product but also to the large-scale production.

Aerospace: sector of excellence

In 2015 El.Com achieved UNI EN 9100 certification regarding the aerospace’s quality. It is an important goal that introduces the company inside a new and more exigent market in terms of quality, innovation and reliability. This goal is necessary in order to reply with exigence to important commitments regarding the military and aeronautics’ sector.

Technologies and tooling

Engineering department has an huge knowledge of principles software packets 2D and 3D for the wire harness’ design.
Thanks to the strong experience and a steady collaboration with the main builders of electronics’ components, El.Com is able to suggest to the customer the best choice for his projects.

The team is capable to reply to all market’s request guaranteeing flexibility and timing that could make the difference in a successful project.