El.Com was born in 1967 in the province of Brescia in one of the most important Italian industrial clusters. In few years, El.Com conquered the most important markets on the industrial wire harness sector.

Today, it is an international reality with approximately 30.000 m2 of productive establishment located in Italy and in Tunisia.

The researching and development in new technology, the huge investment in innovative equipment and the capacity for proposing new solutions to the new costumers allowed El.Com to overcome the role of the main international character in the production of industrial wire harness.


Method and discipline
at service to your business

Any project, whatever small or big it is, comes from a synergy of listening and sharing detailed targets.

Through a consolidated Process Flow, El.Com is able to support its customers, assisting them in their process through engineering, processing and managing of the work plan.

Looking over the limit to offer the market an ongoing improvement of service is for El.Com the only possible approach for an effective result.

Customer input

Design analysis according to the costumer specific requirements.


Engineering study

Design and development of the project with the possibility to customize.



Raw material purchase and production scheduling.


Cutting & Crimping

Automatic or semi-automatic cutting with dedicated machines.


Assembly & Test

On site or outsourcing harness assembly and test.


Quality control

On site quality check.




Handling and shipment from automated warehouses, according to the customer’s request.





What is our raison d’être: what is our mission?

During the present, the mission acts and conducts the all strategies decisions that helps El.Com to obtain the wanted future projection by establishing the ways to achieve the pre-set results.

This mission represents a guide to which referred each time we do a decision.




The security policy is the ideal path to reach the company aim: guarantee the personal safety in the working environment.

This path implies the involvement of the whole staff with the purpose to reach the pre-fixed security objectives.

Through the security policy, the management makes clear the commitment to guarantee that the employee could work in a safe environment, through a suitable risk evaluation and by reducing the stress produced by the different mansions during the work.

The choosing of the farmers that work for El.Com is based on criteria of social responsibility towards their employees. Besides, the hires regularity is taken in consideration in order to respect the fundamental principles of the El.Com’s policy.