Our strenght

Partnership is the keyword for custom philosophy in our company.
A philosophy that lay the foundation for a relationship between two different productive realities but deeply interconnected by specifics aims.

The project has been understood in detail in all its stages, it is developed and realised through specialized skills of the company.
Financial solid competences bring the company to make specific investments in order to suggest a highly complex offer to the customer.

The wire harness custom selection is relevant to the most exigent market with a verticalized service i.e. the management of the entire logistic chain, from assistance and engineering up to testing the wiring in the assembly line.
All of this is possible thanks to the flexibility that El.Com developed in all production processes, which are logistics, products, engineering and buying.


A consolidated workflow

El.Com produces wire harness custom and connection systems for different branches and destinations.

A consolidated workflow made the managing of request based on large quantities where the production and distribution efficiency are fundamental.

Productive flexibility and purchasing efficiency make El.Com a global company ready to manage high volumes with possibilities of productive changes, where the speed of execution have to be carried out in conformity with the certifications received take place.

Thanks to the establishments in Romania and Tunisia, the company submits its capacity and its financial and productive solidity that are crucial for guarantee the success in engineering commitments of any entity.

Quality controland quality system

Total quality: process and product.

Since its foundation, El.Com follows a path towards the process and product continuity in total quality.

Through specific sampling plans, El.Com performs in its laboratories strict quality checks both on the product and the process.

The achieved certifications are the consequence and the legitimation of a long work bringing to excellence.